Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Experience

On Tuesday morning, 19 December, 2014 I interviewed a foreigner from Los Angeles, California, United States. She is Sandra Nguyen. Sandra was born in the United States but her family was from Vietnam, so she is Vietnamese-American. She went to Vietnam to visit her family but never lived there. Sandra is currently working in UCLA Anderson School of Management as Communications Manager. I gave her a couple of questions but it still went as a conversation. My expectation was, she had been to Indonesia so I prepared for the questions such as “What do you think about Indonesian?” and “Did you see any differences between Indonesia and the United States?” but the fact is, she never been in Indonesia and of course I got confused because the questions that has been prepared before were useless. So, I decided to just let the conversation flow.

Although Sandra has never been in Indonesia, she ever heard some things about Indonesia. She said that Indonesia has a lot of Islands, she knows about Jakarta and Bali and she knows that Barrack Obama, the President of the United States of America, has ever lived in Jakarta. She doesn’t know too much about Indonesia and rarely meet Indonesian, maybe Indonesian that living in America can be count by fingers. She said that in her college there’s a class that associated with Indonesia but she never get involved in it. One day she tasted Indonesian food in a restaurant such as Mie Tek-Tek, Es Campur and Nasi Rames and she said that they tasted delicious, she really likes it. If she had a chance, she really want to go to Indonesia. She feels curious about Indonesia, the lifestyle, people, cultures and the environment.

Now, she enjoys living in America. Why? She said it's basically all she knows.  She has never lived in another country, so she doesn't have much to compare it to.  She loves the freedom of choice there and definitely that she has more opportunities. Her life isn't defined by her, and she can pick her own path. She said that current weather in Los Angeles is Sunny. They’re in the middle of the winter but it has only rained twice, and she still saw people wearing shorts around the city. I also asked about Halloween and Thanksgiving Day. She said that around the Halloween, most of the amusement parks have "Horror Nights" where they have people dress up as ghosts and zombies to "scare" people, and people actually pay money to go to the parks and get scared!  It's a very fun and scary holiday.  She explained that during Thanksgiving, families get together and have very large meals with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. That’s a time to be thankful for the people around you.
For those who still feel afraid or doubt to interview or talk to a foreigner, remember that they will understand about our language, they're not going to criticize our grammar. You have to do everything with your bravery and we will reap a beautiful result.

Au revoir!

First of All

Finally I made this blog!

After spending a long time to think, I’ve decided to make and write a blog. Seriously this took plenty time to decided. Why? I’ve made a blog before and what I’ve done was just a worthless-story (I was sixteen at that time). I’m not a good writer or a good story teller. Sometimes I need to write something, I have a lot of things in my mind but I don’t know how to describe it. So, from this blog, I’d love to share my random thoughts, my random feelings and also some experiences of mine. Besides I want to practice my English writing skills.

So that's my first post in the end of this year, 2014. I will thinking about something good for the next post. Hope you will enjoy this post and the other post later!

Au revoir!
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