Wednesday, June 1, 2016

20 Facts About Me

1. I'm addicted to coffee.
2. I must listen to the music whenever I need to focus on my work.
3. I love bearded-guys.
4. I have about 200 movies on my laptop and it's crazy, I know.
5. Sometimes its hard for me to focus on my work with a person in the same room with me.
6. I'm afraid of chicken or roaster or whatever is that, really.
7. Paranoid.
8. Backstreet Boys' songs still melt my heart.
9. When I was 13 or something and my bro was watching The Italian Job and Mark Wahlberg is in there and I suddenly told my bro that I crazy over him and want to marry him. Like, I was 13??? I don't even remember about that. But yes, Mark Wahlberg is awesome though.
10. I'm good at remembering people names and faces.
11. Multitask. Really. Give me some tasks and I can finish them together. Trust me.
12. When I was in High School, Harry Potter is really my thing. Yes, I was crazy over Ron Weasley.
13. I'm very bad at running despite the fact that because I'm.. hm.. a lil' bit chubby.
14. I can't live without ice cube.
15. I was verbally bullied in elementary school and I couldn't forget about that awful days.
16. I don't have a lot of friends but that's okay. I'm happy.
17. I hate karaoke because of my voice.
18. I actually hate the sounds of my laugh.
19. When I was 12, I met my first boyfriend and last for 9 months. And now I'm thinking, what does 12 year-old girl do with a boyfriend? Shameful.
20. I'm a very good chef.

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