Hello everyone! Welcome to my random-blog. I'm Nisa, a 20 years old who thought that having a blog would be interesting by posting some random things here. I'm currently on my 6th semester in English major, Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia) and have been doing an internship in Office of International Affairs in my university for 5 months. I'm an Indonesian who fluent in English and about to join a French Course since I wanna be able to speak some languages. 

So, I'm a movie-lovers, I have a lot of movies which illegally downloaded from some torrents in my laptop (don't try this at home you guys). I love Pentatonix, Coldplay, One Republic and some other ear-catching singer! From this blog, I would love to share some stuff which definitely random because I'm labeling this blog as a random-blog (this getting intense. pft.). Anyway, you can reach me by e-mail annisadwifadila@gmail.com and I hope you enjoy my posts! Au revoir!


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